Kayson oil, gas and energy company (KOGC), inspired by its Articles of Association with the aim of maximizing stakeholders profits, exploits its abilities to recognize, develop and accomplish investment opportunities in the oil, gas and energy industries. This is realized through the value creation, investment, business development based on knowledge, creativity and new technologies application, economic resources and partnerships at the national and international level.

This can be fulfilled by active contribution and continuous investment on upstream and downstream sections and also reliance on the existing core competency of the company as well as Kayson group of companies. Relying on capable and efficient human resources, entering into new areas with highly competitive vantage points, developing international co-operation and foreign partnerships along with balancing investment and knowledge based activities are the other keys to achieving the outlined objectives.

Within this framework, Kayson oil, gas and energy company is interested in investing in potential projects in the area of oil and gas field development, power plants and the energy industry, plus any other relevant fields which would bring added value to the company’s assets. Any investment entities are most welcome to have a stake in these opportunities to increase the synergy in achieving these aims, whilst at the same time reducing costs and enhancing benefits.