Oil & Gas Upstream Capabilities

  • Development of oil and gas fields, offshore and onshore
  • KOGC is a project based organisation. Outsourced projects are executed by integrated technical teams in KOGC offices or its partners’ according to the quality assured workflows.
  • KOGC has the capability to manage and execute all aspects of exploration and development in the entire life cycle of the field.
  • KOGC and its distinguished partners and associates are at the forefront of the application of innovative reservoir development technologies like EOR and UGS.

KOGC, in cooperation with local and international partners, provides a comprehensive range of integrated reservoir services to the upstream oil and gas industry.

This services include :

  • Geological services , for surface and subsurface  and laboratory  investigations
  • Geochemical studies, including laboratory tests  and petroleum system analysis
  • Full range of geophysical services, from seismic to non-seismic methods
  • Petrophysical services, not limited to well log analysis, interpretation and modelling
  • Reservoir engineering services, including laboratory tests, static and dynamic modelling
  • Drilling services,
  • Oil and gas economic viability studies,
  • Surface facilities studies

Using the above mentioned services, KOGC and its distinguished partners provide all necessary services for the full life cycle of offshore and onshore reservoirs.